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DePaul advocates the use of ePortfolios to promote and represent reflective practices across learning in multiple professional, curricular, and co-curricular experiences.

Such reflective practices encourage learners to identify, articulate, and synthesize the strengths, values, beliefs, and skills that they bring into multiple contexts. Hence ePortfolios serve as a valuable tool in helping learners achieve all of the University Learning Goals and Outcomes, but particularly Goal 5: Integration of Learning. In addition, ePortfolios encourage access to and experience with the mixed modalities of communication that are increasingly central to literate practices. Overall, ePortfolios, thoughtfully implemented, help DePaul University achieve its mission of developing “the full range of human capabilities and appreciation of higher education as a means to engage cultural, social, religious, and ethical values in service to others.”

ePortfolio Profiles

Learn how faculty members and academic support staff from across the university are using ePortfolios.

  • Get help with Digication
    The University Center for Writing-based Learning(UCWbL) has created a helpful support site for Digication, which includes everything from how-to guides to sample ePortfolios. Students needing extra help with their ePortfolios are encouraged to make a Writing Center appointment, as all writing center tutors are trained in and experienced with Digication.

  • Need technical support?
    If you or your students are experiencing specific technical support problems, contact the Technology Support Center at 312.362.8765 or Types of problems can include trouble logging in, missing portfolios or courses, error messages, and unusually long wait times.

  • Ask a question or schedule training
    Stumped? If you have a question about designing or customizing an ePortfolio in Digication, or would like to set up a training session for yourself or a group of faculty members, contact Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS) at

  • Explore how others at DePaul are teaching with ePortfolios

    • The College of Education hosts a series of videos that explain their Integrative Knowledge ePortfolio project.
    • All first year writing students at DePaul use digital portfolios to showcase and reflect on their coursework. Check out the First Year Writing Program's hub on Digication for more information, including links to faculty resources.
    • Porfolios at SNL highlights how ePortfolios are being used at the School for New Learning. Of particular note are the ePortfolio assignments and rubrics that are being used in a number of courses at SNL.
  • Join the mailing list
    Discuss with other faculty members how you use ePortfolios, and receive monthly updates. Email Sarah Brown and request to be added to the ePortfolios@DePaul mailing list.

  • Schedule an in-class workshop
    The University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) offers 45- to 90-minute-long, interactive workshops on Digication. Learn more about the UCWbL's in-class workshops.

  • Build your teaching portfolio in Digication
    Learn about the Teaching and Learning Certificate Program and the Digication ePortfolio platform during this introductory workshop, which is offered several times each quarter.

ePortfolios for Programs: Questions and Considerations

Click on the image below to download a short three-page PDF created for anyone interested in implementing ePortfolios in a program or department:

ePortfolios for Programs

Course Design
Developing a Course
Understanding How People Learn
Principles of Course Design
Creating Course Goals & Learning Objectives
Developing an Online Course
Suggested Course Design Calendar
Constructing a Syllabus
Choosing Course Materials
Identifying Teaching Materials
Course Reserves & e-Reserves
Creating Course Packs
Ordering Books
Technology Resources
Desire2Learn (D2L)
Katie Wozniak
Jennifer Mata
Scott Kelley
Pete Vandenberg
Lauri Dietz
D2L vs. Digication
Collaborative Features
Content Management Features
Feedback & Grading Features
Logistical Features
Campus Connection
Course OnLine (CDM)
Getting Started with Clickers
Effective Teaching with Clickers
Research on Clickers
Video Demonstrations
Blogs and Wikis
Games & Simulations
Surveys & Forms
Classroom A/V Equipment
Plagiarism Detection
Technology Training
Technology Support
Teaching Online
Proposing New University Technology
Copyright and the Classroom
Mobile Learning
Assignment Design
General Strategies
Learning Goals
Critical Thinking
Field Work
Problem-based Learning
Case-based Learning
Deterring Plagiarism
Classroom Activities
Knowing Your Students
Teaching Millennial Students
Identifying Prior Knowledge
The First Day
Motivating Students
Lecturing Effectively
Course Readings
In-Class Writing
Activities for Metacognition
Collaborative Learning
Collaborative Learning Activities
Collaborative Learning Online
Grading/Assessing Collaborative Learning
Selected Research
Checking Students' Learning
Avoiding Plagiarism
Feedback & Grading
During a class
Throughout the quarter
Using written assignments
Direct Assessment
Low-Stakes Assignments
High-Stakes Assignments
Types of Rubrics
Creating Rubrics
Evaluating Rubrics
Responding to Plagiarism
After Grading
Submitting Grades
Professional Development
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
SoTL Conferences
Grants for Teaching
Teaching Philosophy
Teaching Portfolios
Videos on Teaching
Oral Histories Series
Ben Alba
Jeffrey Bergen
Barry Brunetti
Matthew Dintzner
Euan Hague
Kelly Pope
Robert Rotenberg
Eric Schwabe
Eileen Seifert
Chernoh Sesay, Jr.
Gabriele Strohschen
Teaching for Learning Series
Generative Knowledge Interviewing
Active Learning Through Multimedia Translation
Teaching Difficult Courses: Statistics
Social Media in the Classroom
From Lab to Discussion
Effective Use of Discussions
Teaching Difficult Concepts: Cell Division
Teaching Resources: The DePaul University Art Museum
Plagiarism as a Learning Tool
Academic Integrity
Neuroscience & Learning (Workshop)
Peggy Maki - SoTL
Stephen Brookfield - Creative & Critical Thinking
Encouraging Critical Thinking (Panel)
Teaching Information Literacy (Workshop)
Commenting on Student Writing (Workshop)
Grading Student Writing (Workshop)
Ann-Louise de Boer - Teaching in Colors
James Paul Gee - Video Game Design & Learning
Services for Faculty
Teaching Support Offices
New to DePaul
Student Behavior
University Policies
Academic Progress Reports
Teaching Feedback
Online Teaching Evaluations
Online Teaching Evaluations - Writing the Faculty Added Questions
Academic Integrity
Student Services
Liberal Studies Program
Teaching Committees
Excellence in Teaching
Workshops & Events
Teaching and Learning Certificate Program
Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning
Previous Fall Forums
Teaching and Learning Conference
Global Learning Experience
Community Calendar