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ePortfolio Community Profiles: Lauri Dietz

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While Lauri Dietz, Director of the University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL), uses ePortfolios in the courses she teaches, she also incorporates them as a tool for her student employees’ professional development. UCWbL student employees, who work as peer writing tutors, begin creating ePortfolios during their required training courses, where they learn about the technical sides of Digication as well as the rhetorical decisions that come with designing any kind of ePortfolio.

ePortfolios help integrate learning

ePortfolios can help student employees integrate the learning that comes from both in-class and co-curricular learning experiences, like on-campus jobs. They give peer writing tutors a space not only to reflect on writing theory and practice, but also a means to question their assumptions, reflect on their roles as students and professionals, and consider the direction of their future learning--both at DePaul and beyond.

“When you're a campus employer, I think we have to think about a more holistic approach to students' mentoring and professional development. So we need to think about the work we do as employers as really complementing their in-class and out-of-class work.”

Implementing ePortfolios as tools for professional development

Each student employee and graduate assistant at the UCWbL is required to create and maintain an ePortfolio, which is used by the UCWbL’s directors as a means of giving feedback as well as assessing the student’s learning and performance throughout the year. Student employees must successfully complete their ePortfolios in order to be eligible for rehiring or to receive letters of recommendation.

“All of this works together because the writing center is the heart of student support for Digication and ePortfolios on campus. Any student should feel confident that if they make an appointment at the writing center, a tutor will be able to help them with both their rhetorical choices as well as some of the technical aspects of Digication.”