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ePortfolio Community Profiles: Jennifer Mata

Courses and Assignments

Jennifer teaches with ePortfolios in her course on Child Growth and Development (ECE 290) in the College of Education. Students in her class, like other education students, create Integrative Knowledge ePortfolios (IKEs), which are online spaces for students to reflect on their experiences, integrate tacit and formal knowledge, and explore how their attitudes and beliefs affect their roles as educators, counselors and administrators.

Generative Knowledge Interviews

One of the hallmarks of an IKE is the process of listening, storytelling, and reflecting called generative knowledge interviewing. During this process, each student takes a turn to both listen to and describe their own learning experiences (or "aha" moments). The role of the listener is an essential one: it is she who helps the speaker identify common threads or patterns in the experiences, attitudes, and beliefs of the narrator. Through these interviews, students can make connections with what they’re learning--both inside and outside the classroom--and reflect on how their knowledge, skills, values, and beliefs relate to their roles as educators and professionals.

“Students learned that through working with Integrative Knowledge ePortfolios, they could integrate theory and practice.”

Examples of Work

Reflective narratives that capture key moments in the personal and professional lives of their creators, examples of work are what students create following the generative knowledge interview process. In these, students identify and reflect on significant learning experiences by answering the questions: “What was done?” and “What was learned?”. Rather than a collection of all the work that was produced in a given time or for a particular class, the works showcase is a reflective essay that synthesizes the learning that was done and points to specific examples or experiences as evidence of that learning.

“It's not just a place to post work that students have done. While they are doing that, they're also reflecting on what they learned in the process.”