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D2L vs. Digication: Grading & Feedback Features

The table below compares features that are related to grading, feedback, and assessment. Click on the name of a feature to read a more detailed description below. These recommendations are entirely based on DePaul's use of D2L and Digication and do not reflect how instructors at other institutions could use these systems.

Feature D2L Digication
Turning in Assignments recommended recommended
Commenting on and Returning Word Documents recommended recommended
Gradebook recommended not recommended
Quizzes, Surveys, & Self-Assessments recommended not recommended
Rubrics see_description see_description
Commenting on e-Portfolio Pages not recommended recommended

Turning in Assignments:
It's relatively easy for students to submit their work in both D2L and Digication. In D2L, the Dropbox tool is what students use to submit their assignments online. You can set up separate Dropbox folders for each assignment and choose when students can submit assignments. In Digication, students submit their entire portfolios, individual portfolio pages, or separate files by walking through a series of simple steps under the Assignments tab.

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Commenting on and Returning Word Documents:
After collecting student papers through the Dropbox in D2L, you can easily add your comments to the Word document and then use the Dropbox to return it to the student. The D2L Dropbox also supports Turnitin integration. In Digication, students can upload a Word document and receive it back through a simple file exchange, but it is not synchronized with other assessment features.

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In D2L, you can set up your Gradebook to calculate final grades based on points or with assignments as percentages of the final grade. Students can access the Grades tool to see all their grades in one place. Although there is a Gradebook feature in Digication, it has not been tested extensively at DePaul and is not recommended at this time.

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Quizzes, Surveys, and Self-Assessments:
These three features are all available in D2L, but not in Digication. The Quizzes tool allows you to create, manage, and grade online quizzes. D2L allows for quiz questions that can be graded automatically, like multiple-choice questions, and more qualitative questions, like long-answer questions. The Survey tool allows you to solicit feedback from students regarding any aspect of your course. The Self-Assessments tool allows you to create ungraded sets of quiz questions for students to use to gauge their knowledge. It also allows students to see instructor-created feedback to their answers instantaneously.

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Both D2L and Digication allow instructors to post customized rubrics and connect them to specific assignments. However, due to the complexity of the rubric system in both D2L and Digication, it is strongly recommended that you arrange a consultation with Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS),, before using them in your course.

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Commenting on e-Portfolio Pages:
At DePaul, D2L is not set up for creating or evaluating e-Portfolios. This should be done using Digication, which allows instructors to comment on individual portfolio pages as well as submitted assignments.

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