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D2L vs. Digication: Content Management Features

The table below offers a comparison of features that are related to content management, which includes posting materials and generating new content online. Click on the name of a feature to read a more detailed description below. These recommendations are entirely based on DePaul's use of D2L and Digication and do not reflect how instructors at other institutions could use these systems.

Feature D2L Digication
Posting Syllabus/Materials/Assignments recommended recommended
Students Creating/Posting Work recommended recommended
External Linking recommended recommended
Embedding Videos/Photos/Audio recommended recommended
Setting Begin & End Dates for Content recommended not recommended
Creating e-Portfolios not recommended recommended

Posting Syllabus/Materials/Assignments:
D2L offers more customization options when it comes to posting materials like your syllabus or assignment prompts. You can designate when the content will become available to students, monitor who views each document, and so on. Digication does not provide all of these choices, but posting content is quick and highly intuitive. One important consideration is that when you post content to a public e-Portfolio in Digication, it will be public for all the world to see (whereas content in D2L is always password-protected).

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Students Creating/Posting Work:
Students have limited options for creating and posting work in D2L. In reality, they can only generate unique content and share it with the class via online discussion boards. In Digication, students can create entirely customized portfolios and have complete control over the content they're generating (and the audience for said content).

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External Linking:
Both D2L and Digication make it easy to link to external websites and resources. In D2L, links are easily added under Content as topics (in the same way that you would add a file). In Digication, any text can be hyperlinked to external websites.

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Embedding Videos/Photos/Audio:
Instructors can embed media on their course sites in D2L. Students can as well, but only in discussion board posts. In Digication, all users can embed media on any page of their e-Portfolios. It also offers a built-in gallery feature.

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Setting Begin & End Dates for Content:
In D2L you can set a begin date and end date for posted content in advance, which designates the timeframe during which students can access it. In Digication, there is no automated system for doing this. Rather, you must manually hide or publish content to limit students' access to it.

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Creating e-Portfolios:
At DePaul, D2L does not allow for the creation of e-Portfolios, and Digication should be used for this purpose.

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