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D2L vs. Digication: Collaborative Features

The table below offers a comparison of features that are related to student collaboration, whether in real-time or via asynchronous discussion boards. Click on the name of a feature to read a more detailed description below. These recommendations are entirely based on DePaul's use of D2L and Digication and do not reflect how instructors at other institutions could use these systems.

Feature D2L Digication
Small Group Work recommended recommended
Online Discussions recommended see description
Real-time Text Chat recommended not recommended
Real-time Audio/Visual Conferencing recommended not recommended
Student-to-Student Emailing recommended not recommended

Small Group Work:
Both D2L and Digication can be used for small group work, although they take somewhat different approaches. In D2L, the instructor can manually or automatically generate groups. Then, the instructor can assign a group Dropbox, group discussion board, and so on. Group members can easily share files and engage in online discussions. In Digication, students can collaborate on e-Portfolios. The final product is easily shared as well.

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Online Discussions:
D2L features robust online discussion capabilities. Instructors can set up discussion boards for groups or the entire class, grade posts, and automatically receive emailed notifications of new posts. Although it's possible to create discussions in Digication as well, they are more difficult to navigate and use for small groups, and instructors cannot grade posts.

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Real-time Text Chat
D2L allows students and instructors to chat in real time, and chat sessions can be set up for an entire class or for a specific group. In addition, all chat sessions are archived for later perusal. Digication does not support a synchronous chat feature at this time.

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Real-Time Audio/Visual Conferencing:
D2L is easily integrated with Wimba, which allows for real-time webcam conferencing in a virtual classroom space. Digication does not support a real-time conferencing function at this time.

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Student-to-Student Emailing:
Students must use D2L to see the class roster and select other students to email.

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