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Campus Connection

Campus Connection is DePaul's information system used for information such as student registrations, course catalogues, and teaching schedules. For help submitting course grades, please review the Office of Student Record's instructions or send an email to

If you are experiencing problems with Campus Connection you can contact the Technology Support Center at 312-362-8765.

Instructions to Access Your Teaching Schedule:

  1. Log on to Campus Connection.
  2. Under "Main Menu," select "Self-Service" > "Faculty Center" > "Faculty Center." 
  3. Your teaching schedule should appear in the center of the window under “My Teaching Schedule.”

Instructions to Access Your Course Roster:

  1. Log on to Campus Connection.
  2. Under "Main Menu," select "Self-Service" > "Faculty Center" > "Faculty Center." Select the "Class Roster" icon  for your course under "My Teaching Schedule."

Instructions to Access the Attendance Verification Tool:

The on-line Attendance Verification Tool enables you to identify students on your roster who have not begun participating in your course. This tool implements the Attendance Verification Policy.

Accessing and using the tool:

  1. Log on to Campus Connection.
  2. Under "Main Menu," select "Self-Service" > "Faculty Center" > "Faculty Center." 
  3. For each class you are teaching this term, click on the “Class Roster” icon . You will see a column on the far left titled “No Show.”
  4. Check the box in the “No Show” column next to the name of any student who has not begun attending your class.
  5. When you have finished checking all the boxes that apply, click “submit.”

Attendance Verification Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What should I tell my students about the Attendance Verification Policy?

    Please tell students that this policy enables the university to 1) comply with U.S. Department of Education financial aid regulations for reporting on students’ attendance, and 2) remind students to drop a class they no longer intend to take in time to avoid tuition charges.
  2. How do I verify attendance in an on-line class?

    The policy leaves it up to each faculty member to determine what constitutes “attendance.” Here are some examples of how you could check that students have begun attending an on-line course:

    • Ask students to introduce themselves through a post to the discussion group for the class.
    • Ask students to participate in an introductory on-line discussion.
    • Ask students to email you acknowledging their presence.
    • If available, use features in the learning management systems to determine who has logged on to various portions of your website.

    We will add more examples to this list as we collect them from faculty.

  3. How do I verify attendance in a very large class?

    • Pass around a sign-in sheet.
    • Ask students to complete a brief in-class writing assignment the first day of class.
    • Ask students to introduce themselves to the class on the discussion board.

Faculty Campus Connection Training

For more information, including how-to videos, see Campus Connect Resources for Faculty & Staff from the Department of Information Services.