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Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA)   

Teaching Consultations

If you are looking for ideas or guidance on a topic relating to teaching and learning, Jen O’Brien is available to consult with you in person, by phone, and through email. Past consultations have focused on:

  • Planning or updating a course
  • Articulating learning outcomes
  • Developing or revising assignments
  • Exploring new teaching methods
  • Engaging students in the classroom
  • Implementing group projects and discussions
  • Assessing student learning
  • Interpreting student evaluations
  • Documenting teaching effectiveness

Request an individual consultation.

Feedback on Teaching

Whether you are new to teaching or have decades of experience, receiving feedback from your students and from teaching support staff will help you to refine your approach, reflect on your teaching, and explore new strategies and methods. TLA offers three options for obtaining feedback on your teaching:

Customized Workshops

In addition to regular workshop offerings through the Teaching Commons, Jen O’Brien can collaborate with you to design specialized workshops to address a teaching and learning related topic relevant to your department or program. These can be tailored to reflect the scholarship of teaching and learning in your field or to focus on a more general topic of interest or concern to you and your colleagues.

Request a faculty workshop.

Considerations About Privacy

The Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment maintains a confidential record that a consultation, Midterm Student Feedback session, or observation took place solely for the purpose of evaluating the program. Records are shared only among TLA staff and the faculty member. TLA's teaching support services are strictly for the purpose of professional development and all conversations, e-mails, and documents pertaining to the consultation or teaching feedback session are confidential and will not be released to anyone other than the individual who requested them.

Confidentiality will be maintained, except when required by legal regulations or university policies. Considerations about privacy and confidentiality with regard to TLA's teaching support services are guided by:

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University Libraries   

Library Research & Information Literacy Instruction

Research librarians are available to help you create assignments designed to meet the changing student needs in information literacy. Faculty members teaching in Lincoln Park may contact Heather Jagman, Coordinator of Library Instruction, to discuss the availability of appropriate resources and research instruction options for your course. If your class meets at the Loop campus, please contact Jessica Alverson, Assistant Coordinator for Instruction & Online Learning. Library instruction sessions typically meet in our technology equipped library classrooms, but we can also support your students via online research guides, screencasts, and tutorial where appropriate.

Scheduling in-person class visits at least one week in advance is appreciated. Scheduling early will allow us to give you the date and time that fits best with your syllabus.

Reference Services

Research Librarians are available to provide one-on-one support for students who walk up in person or make an appointment for an in-depth consultation. Faculty members are encouraged to send research assignments to Heather Jagman, Reference Services Coordinator, who will recommend key resources and alert staff to student needs. For everyday library questions, both students and faculty find the AskALibrarian IM chat service convenient and friendly.

Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections & Archives provides a forum for students to encounter original documents and primary sources, general instructions in handling and use of collections, and introductions to collections relevant to a specific course. Special Collections and Archives librarians work with faculty to develop structured exercises or research projects which utilize both physical rare volumes and electronic items.

Via Sapientiae: The Institutional Repository at DePaul University

Via Sapientiae collects, organizes, and provides open access to scholarly works produced by the University's faculty, staff, centers and institutes, and students. Via Sapientiae also showcases DePaul's unique Vincentian heritage materials.

For further information about how the library can work with you, please see About Via Sapientiae.

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University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL)   

Invite the Writing Center to Class

The Writing Center offers short informational presentations to DePaul Classes. An experienced Writing Center Tutor can visit your class to discuss our services with your students. Instructors should complete the online form to schedule a presentation.

The Writing Fellows Program

As you plan your courses for next quarter, please consider working with Writing Fellows - a group of highly talented, carefully selected, and extensively trained undergraduates who serve as peer writing tutors in classes all across DePaul University. The Fellows will make thoughtful and extensive revision-oriented comments upon drafts of assigned papers and confer on-on-one for a substantial amount of time with each of your students in an effort to helpthe students make smart, significant revisions to their papers before the papers are turned in to you for a grade. See and contact Matthew Pearson at for more information.

Faculty Consultations

UCWbL’s Faculty Development Program Director, Matthew Pearson, is available to consult with faculty one-on-one about a range of topics related to writing instruction. Consultations can focus on effective assignment design, syllabus planning, responding to and evaluating student writing, some combination of these topics, or other topics related to teaching and writing. Matthew can be contacted at

Workshops on Writing and Teaching

UCWbL offers departments, colleges, or schools customized workshops for faculty on topics related to writing and teaching. Workshops can be designed on topics such as designing effective writing assignments, responding to and evaluating student writing, writing to learn course content, or using Blackboard writing-tools effectively. In addition to these topics, we can discuss other topics for workshops that will help support good writing pedagogy at DePaul.

Writing for Publication

Dr. Lauri Dietz, the Director of the University Center for Writing-based Learning, is available for one-on-one writing consultations with any DePaul faculty or staff member working on a conference paper, article, monograph, or any other type of writing project. Please contact her with questions or to schedule a meeting.

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Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS)   

DePaul Online Teaching Series (DOTS)

DOTS is a faculty development program that trains and assists faculty to become successful facilitators of online learning. The program builds online readiness among faculty through an immersive, hands-on experience. Faculty are introduced to online-learning best practices, hands-on innovative use of technology, quality standards for course development across all delivery formats, and are guided through the development of exemplary course sites for online and blended instruction. In addition, the program provides opportunities for faculty to interact with peers with a shared commitment to online learning and to develop a sustainable network of online-ready instructors. For information on the program and application process, visit the DOTS webpage.

Faculty Training and Workshops

FITS offers training sessions and workshops on a variety of instructional technologies. Visit the workshops page for a complete list of upcoming workshops and events.

Instructional Design & Development Blog is maintained by the Faculty Instructional Technology Services department at DePaul University. The site’s primary goal is to provide information on enhancing instruction through the use of technology. Previous topics have included: Introducing Prezi: Go Fancy for the Right Reasons.

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Information Services   

Computer Labs

There are multiple computer labs across all campuses available for faculty to use (accessible by your DePaul ID). In addition, faculty may request the use of PC classrooms.

Suburban Locations
The DePaul suburban campuses have one computer each specifically faculty use. The computer can be found inside of the library on the Naperville and O’Hare campuses. On the South (Oak Forest) campus, the faculty computer is inside of the general computer lab.

Media Production

Media Production and Training collaborates with faculty and university departments in developing a learning environment enriched through effective use of technology in the curriculum. MPT provides an array of media-related services to members of the DePaul community, including audio and film production, event photography, and more. Students, faculty, and staff can request MPT's services online.

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Center for Intercultural Programs   

The Center for Intercultural Programs partners with faculty across the university to provide interactive, experiential, and dialogical experiences in the classroom to enhance students' understanding of diversity relative to curricular content. These workshops and dialogues can be selected from a menu of offerings or can be customized to suit the needs of your students. Requests can be made online or via email by contacting Scott Tharp, Interim Director of the Center for Intercultural Programs, at

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Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning & Community Service Studies   

Faculty Consultations

Jeff Howard, the Steans Center's Assistant Director for Faculty Development, is available to meet individually with faculty and instructors considering using service-learning or having decided to do so. Jeff can advise you on how the addition of community service to an academic course can enrich students' learning experiences by offering resources, reviewing your syllabus, suggesting assignments tapping the community service experiences on behalf of course learning objectives, and more. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Jeff Howard.

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