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Proposing New University Technology

The The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee reviews all proposals for adopting new university-wide teaching and research technologies. The TLT has outlined the following process for implementing new technologies:

Stages Actions Stakeholders Examples
Stage 1: Request Initiation Need for technology solution (e.g. a particular software, additional functionality in an existing technology system, revision of current tech solutions, new services) are brought to TLT.

Discussion held at TLT meeting to conclude whether the request merits further examination and scope of that examination:

- if not, reject or put on hold

- if rejected, or put on hold, the reasons for these decisions are communicated back to the originator(s) of the request

- if yes, move to stage 2
Faculty members and staff from faculty support units Need to use clickers in the classroom and to have one standard click system supported by the university was brought to TLT by faculty on Nov 8th 2006.

TLT concluded that the issue merits TLT effort for further investigation; a TLT subcommittee that includes faculty, IDD and IS representative was formed.
Stage 2: Academic/Business case for request Academic/business case constructed by a subcommittee/task appointed by TLT.

Written and/oral report with recommended solutions(s), resources, and timeline prepared by the subcommittee.
TLT subcommittee or Task Force consist of faculty, faculty support staff, and IS respresentation Clicker subcommittee conducted the investigation and compiled their report.
Stage 3: TLT Review and Recommendation to Academic Affairs/IS Report submitted to TLT.

Based on the report, TLT makes the decision on whether to:

- Decline the request
- Continue constructing the Academic/Business case to take into account additional factors
- Make recommendation to AA/IS for action
TLT committee Clicker subcommittee presented their report to TLT on Feb 14, 2007; TLT made the motion to have Clicker Subcommittee work with IS to identify a clicker product that meets the clicker requirements listed in the 1/31/2007 report.
Stage 4: Entering Project Mode Commitment made by IS on proceeding with project request, whether through the Technology Life Cycle (for application development) or possibility a simplified process. IS A decision made by IS to build 50 support bases for clicker and vendor demos scheduled to help identify the best fit for DePaul.
Stage 5: Update and Check Point Reporting to TLT by IS re project timeline, status, and completion.

All stakeholders report any on-going issues that may delay completion of the agreed upon product

Adjustments made to maintain momentum and balance University priorities. All adjustments reported.

Project completed.
TLT committee
Academic Affairs Designee