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Committee on Learning and Teaching (COLT)

  • Examine institutional policies and structures for their impact on teaching 
    and learning. 
  • Support the scholarship of teaching.
  • Support the practice of teaching.
  • Consider and advise on how technology affects the practice of teaching.
  • Advise the Office for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment on the progress of current initiatives in the colleges and the needs for faculty development in teaching, learning and assessment.

List of members:

Name Area Representing Contact
Claudia Anderson (Chair) Theatre Profile
Tom Berry Commerce Profile
Nancy Davis SNL Profile
Lauri Dietz (Ex Officio) University Center for Writing-based Learning Profile
Sharon Guan (Ex Officio) Faculty Instructional Technology Services Profile
Kelly Kessler Communication Profile
Gerry McLaughlin (Ex Officio) Office of Institutional Research and Market Analytics Profile
Erica Neidlinger Music Profile
Kyle Petersen CSH Profile
Ruben Parra (Ex Officio) Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment Profile
Amira Proweller Education Profile
Howard Rosing Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning & Community Service Studies Profile
Eric Schwabe CDM Profile
Gabriele Strohschen (Ex Officio) Academic Program Review Profile
Christine Tardy LAS Profile
Susan Thrower Law Profile

Teaching, Learning, and Technology


To provide a forum for faculty, academic support staff, and Academic Affairs/Information Services representatives to evaluate the current functioning of course based and research technologies as well as to recommend the adoption and funding of new or expanded technology solutions in direct support of the academic enterprise and Vision twenty12.

  • All such proposed technology policies and procedures affecting faculty and directly impacting the academic enterprise are sent by the committee to faculty council for review and approval. All other university-wide technology policies and procedure proposals are submitted by IS to the university’s policy and procedures approval process.
  • Specific recommendations for prioritization of teaching-and-learning-related technology projects are made by the committee and sent to IS/Academic Affairs or other appropriate units.
  • Specific recommendations for project funding are forwarded by the committee to Academic Affairs, IS, or other appropriate funding authorities.
  • The committee shall be informed of policy and procedures, project prioritization, and funding decisions.

List of Members:

Name Area Representing Contact
Roger Baran Commerce Profile
Bernhard Beck-Winchatz CSH Profile
GianMario Besana CDM Profile
Paul Booth Communication Profile
Greg Brewster CDM Profile
Coya Browning Theatre Profile
Massimo DiPierro (Co-Chair) CDM Profile
Scott Erlinder CDM Profile
Delvin Grant Commerce Profile
Sharon Guan Faculty Instructional Technology Services Profile
Christine Knox Gramlick Media Production & Training Profile
Melissa Koenig Faculty Instructional Technology Services Profile
Robert McCormick (Co-Chair) Information Services Profile
Erin Mason Education Profile
Paul Miller Law
James Moore Commerce Profile
Allen Moye Law
Nancy Morgan SNL Profile
Erica Neidlinger Music Profile
Corin Pitcher CDM Profile
Beth Rubin SNL Profile
David Schmidgall SNL Profile
Sandra Virtue CSH Profile
Gretchen Wilbur SNL Profile
Christopher Worthman Education Profile