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Academic Progress Reports (APR)

Help improve graduation rates with easy-to-implement interventions for first-year students.

Did you know?

Eight out of ten DePaul students who achieve a 2.5 GPA and earn 48 credits in their first year will graduate in six years. For students who reach neither of these critical benchmarks in their first year—only two out of ten will graduate in six years.

What can you do to help?

If you teach students who are in their first year at DePaul, implement the following practices for your course:

  1. Give a graded assignment within the first two weeks of the quarter. For assignment strategies, visit the Teaching Commons page on Assignment Design.
  2. Complete Academic Progress Reports (APR) for your students. This enables you to alert students and their academic advisors of concerns about academic progress at the midpoint of the quarter.

You will receive specific information about when and how to complete Academic Progress Reports during the fourth week of each quarter. You can also contact if you have any questions or comments.

Hear what some fellow faculty members have to say about the APR system:

“...After submitting Academic Progress Reports, I have been stunned at the speed with which students both heard from their advisors and arranged to meet with me to discuss my comments and concerns. Without fail, this process has led to those students improving their course grade in the second half of the quarter. There is no doubt that the APR System was the key to helping those students get the help they needed, whether from myself or other support areas at the university...”
“How often do your students turn to you with a beaming smile? Well students for whom you have written a complimentary comment on their Academic Progress Report will frequently have this response after they learn from their adviser that they have earned your compliment through the sound work they have produced thus far in the quarter. The boost to these students' academic self-confidence is remarkable. And, of course, there is equal benefit for those students whose APR indicates that they need some additional help...”
“The Academic Progress Reporting System provides a formal space to open up dialogue with students early in the quarter. Although I believe in regular dialogue with students, specifically those who seem to be struggling to meet class requirements, I have found that having a formalized system in place is extremely helpful for opening up discussions with students...As a communication tool, it allows for a formalized channel that has often led to more production interpersonal and in class interactions.”
“Providing Academic Progress Reports for your students give those students a little nudge at a good time in the quarter. I have seen it make the difference in those students.”
“Participating in the Academic Progress Reporting System really is a valuable exercise. It allows our students to compete in our various athletic programs while still doing well in class. If they're not doing well in class, the APRS process picks up on it long before it becomes an issue, allowing the student and the professor the opportunity to get things straightened out quickly and easily...“

As a faculty member, you play a critical role in student success—especially for first-year students who often require your guidance and support as they learn to navigate life at DePaul. Focusing on the first year and providing early feedback to students—through the Academic Progress Report—encourages student retention and pays dividends for timely graduation.