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Teaching Feedback

In addition to the formal teaching evaluations completed by students at the end of the quarter, there are numerous ways to gather feedback from your students and your peers about the course.

DePaul Online Teaching Evaluations

Gathering Feedback Before the Quarter Ends

Gathering feedback throughout the quarter helps us understand what is and is not working in our courses. It allows us to validate strategies we are already implementing and to identify issues before they become problems.

  • Consider hearing from your students! A Midterm Student Feedback session is an established process for gathering feedback from your students about what is working in your class and ways the class could be changed to improve their learning. At DePaul, it is a voluntary and confidential service offered by the Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Submit your request for a session now. These sessions typically take 20-25 minutes at the end of a class and should be scheduled by week five or six of the quarter.
  • Get in-depth, constructive feedback from an impartial observer. Contact the Assistant Director for Teaching Support at the Office for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment to schedule an observation and receive a confidential written report.
  • Find instructions on creating surveys on D2L or Qualtrics to gather student feedback. You can gather information at mid-quarter (or at several points throughout the quarter) to track improvement. Consider providing an incentive for students to complete the survey.
  • Peer evaluation of teaching can also offer you important insights and ideas.

Additional Resources

  • Vanderbilt's Center for Teaching has excellent resources on different methods for gathering in-class feedback, including sample feedback forms you can download and use in your classroom.
  • Making Sense of Student Evaluation Feedback from Vanderbilt University. Things to consider when reading student evaluations and how to incorporate the feedback into future course planning.