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Clickers (also known as classrooom response systems) use radio frequency technology to transmit and record student responses. Students respond to questions by "clicking" on buttons on their remote devices; a receiving station records each response for assessment by the professor.

“It's great fun and it has led to more nodding heads than is usual in [a] somewhat intimidating class.”
~Bob Rotenberg, Anthropology

Clickers are well-suited for active learning, enabling every student to respond to questions, even in large classes. Since they provide immediate feedback, both faculty and students can identify and correct misunderstandings during the course of a lecture.

» Getting started: General information, which classrooms are equiped, and faculty currently using clickers.

» Effective teaching with clickers: Best practices, writing effective questions, and examples of classroom techniques.

» Research on clickers: DePaul faculty and other University scholars thoughts on research, implementation, and trends with clickers.

» Video demonstrations: See what they are, how they are being used, and teacher and student reactions.

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  • Clicker training files and documentation
  • Clickers training sessions and workshops