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Submitting Grades

Submitting Official Course Grades

Official course grades must be submitted in Campus Connection, not just in Desire2Learn (D2L). If you require assistance submitting course grades in Campus Connection, view the Office of Student Record's guide to submitting grades or send an email to

Submitting and Changing Grades in D2L

View the FITS documentation including information on using the gradebook, setting up weighted grades, copying a grade system from another course, and more.

DePaul Grading Policies

Establishing Fair, Effective Grading Practices

One of the most important things we can do is to be explicit with our students about what grades mean in the class and how students earn them. Perhaps especially in the humanities and arts students frequently believe that grades are arbitrary, determined by the idiosyncratic pleasures or intentionally mysterious expectations of individual faculty. In some sense, grades are arbitrary and it's up to us to explain how we arrive at our decisions and to apply our criteria consistently.

Further Resources

For specific and helpful resources on creating fair grading practices, we suggest the following:

University of Washington's Develop a Personal Grading Plan details how to create, justify, and carry out different evaluation methods.

Barbara Gross's Grading Practices offers strategies for minimizing student complaints about grading, making effective use of grading tactics, and evaluating your grading policies.