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How to Follow up on Assessment

Thomas Angelo and Patricia Cross¹ offer the following practical framework for acting on your assessment analysis:

  1. Interpret the results
    • Try to get an overall picture of how your students are doing before interpreting individual results.
    • Ask, "Why did students respond in the way that they did?"
    • Ask, "Where did they succeed or struggle?"
  2. Communicate the results
    • Be sure to do this in a resonable amount of time.
    • Remind students of the tasks’ learning objectives, how you interpreted their ability to meet these objectives, and what you intend to do in response.
  3. Evaluate how the results will help you in your teaching
    • Did this assignment achieve your learning goals?
    • How will these results affect the rest of the course or future courses?
    • Did anything unexpected occur?
    • What will you do differently the next time you teach the course?

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Resources & Notes

¹Angelo, T., & Cross, K.P. (1993). Classroom assessment techniques. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc.
This is an essential book about classroom assessment. It is available at the Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment library.