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 Developing an Online Course

Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS) provides training to faculty planning or designing an online or hybrid course and to departments planning for an online program. Re-conceiving a course for online delivery involves designing active and collaborative learning activities that take full advantage of digital communication. For more information see:

Strategies and Resources

Here are just a few strategies and resources to keep in mind while developing an outline course:

  • Work with an instructional designer experienced with developing online classes. Contact a FITS liaison early in the design process.
  • Design the course as an online learning community
  • Create questions that encourage discussion and analysis. Online discussion is at the heart of the online learning environment. 
  • Include an icebreaker assignment to both gauge student knowledge and also to serve as a get-to-know-you activity. 
  • Select learning materials to take full advantage of the World Wide Web: check library resources for journal articles and graphic images; identify graphic, audio, or video materials to engage online learners.
  • Provide clear assignment policies including, due dates and the policies if assignments are late, and expectations for discussion forum participation. Grading rubrics reduce student anxiety and focus student work.
  • Review the Online in the Classroom PDF PDF from the Dean of Students Office, which offers tips for addressing and minimizing disruptive behavior in online classes.

DePaul Resources

Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS)

  • Consultation and resources on developing online, hybrid.
  • Design and development of learning activities enriched by technology.
  • Resources on developing multimedia curriculum resources.

Media Production & Training (MPT)

  • Technology training and quickguides for faculty and students