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Required Syllabus Content

According to the DePaul Faculty Handbook (Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, p. 6) all syllabi should contain the following information:

  1. A rationale for the course stated in the context of the aims of the department and/or division;
  2. A statement on the types of instruction (i.e., lecture; lecture-discussion; lab, etc.);
  3. Specific materials required for the course (books, pamphlets, library materials, etc.);
  4. Proposed major and minor topics to be covered in the course;
  5. Specific required readings, and written and oral assignments (inclusion of tentative dates for such assignments is desirable);
  6. Specific descriptions of the criteria and methods (i.e., nature of quizzes and examinations) to be used by the instructor in evaluating students' academic performance;
  7. Statement on plagiarism
  8. Instructor's office number and office hours for the term in which the course is being offered.

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