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Creating Course Packs

Create a Coursepack

While course reserves and e-reserves are less costly and more popular than print coursepacks, DePaul offers two services for creating coursepacks:

  1. DePaul Distribution Services
  2. XanEdu

Placing an Order for a Course Packet with Distribution Services:

  • Fill out a Distribution Services job ticket
  • Provide the material to be reproduced (preferably a loose master copy)
  • And, if copyright clearance is requested, provide bibliographical information. Our copyright clearance request form details the information needed for each source to complete the copyright clearance request. Required fields are indicated with a black diamond. (Source details may be submitted in another form, so long as the required information is provided).

Distribution. Course packets may be ordered for the campus bookstore, or may be distributed directly by the department placing the order. If course packets are to be sold through DePaul's campus bookstore, documentation of copyright clearance is required.

Copyright. Anyone may seek permission from rightsholders; however, use of some materials may fall under fair use (guidelines attached) or be in public domain. If the professor or a designee acquires copyright permission, documentation must be provided before Distribution Services will copy the materials. Distribution Services can seek copyright permission for all sources in accordance with the guidelines mentioned above.

Deadlines. Please allow at least four weeks for such permission to be obtained, depending on the number of sources and the nature of the articles and rightsholders.

Binding options. Once all copyright issues are in order, the packets are ready to be copied and bound according to a variety of options available. These options are detailed for the most part on the Distribution Services job ticket, but further information or clarification is certainly available upon request.

Payment. Upon completion of the course packets, they can be delivered to the bookstore or any department on campus. A budget transfer, initiated by Distribution Services, bills the cost of copyright royalties, photocopying, and binding of the packet to the chartfields indicated on the job ticket. These chartfields belong either to the campus bookstore or the department distributing the packets. It is not uncommon for some course packets to be sent and billed to the bookstore and others sent and billed to the department.

Ordering Through XanEdu

Order course materials through XanEdu by completing this form word doc and sending it:

DePaul's XanEdu representative is Alison Ulicny, 1-800-218-5971, ext. 6546