DePaul Center, 8th Floor

Friday, May 1st


Todd Zakrajsek

Keynote Speaker


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Agenda at a Glance

8:30–4:00 Conference Registration Open
8:30–9:00 Breakfast Buffet
9:00–9:15 Welcoming Remarks – Charles Strain, Professor, Religious Studies and former V.P., Academic Affairs
9:15–10:45 Keynote Presentation – Todd Zakrajsek, U.N.C. Chapel Hill
10:45–11:00 Morning Break & Coffee
11:00–12:00 Concurrent Session I
12:00–1:00 Lunch & Recognition Ceremony
1:00–2:00 Concurrent Session II
2:00–2:15 Afternoon Break
2:15–3:15 Concurrent Session III
3:15–3:30 Break & Resource Fair
3:30–4:30 Workshop with Todd Zakrajsek & Resource Fair
3:15–5:00 Reception and Resource Fair
  • Kelly Kessler
    Kelly Kessler (Communication) presenting at last year’s conference.
  • Jose Bowen
    Jose Bowen, president of Goucher College, giving last year’s keynote address.

Keynote Speaker

Todd Zakrajsek, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

  • Todd Zakrajsek
    Zakrajsek presenting at Virginia Tech’s Conference on Higher Education in 2012.
    © Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Todd Zakrajsek
    Zakrajsek presenting at Virginia Tech’s Conference on Higher Education in 2012.
    © Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Todd Zakrajsek is the Executive Director of the Academy of Educators in the School of Medicine and an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill. Todd is the immediate past Executive Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to his work at UNC, he was the Inaugural Director of the Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching at Central Michigan University and the founding Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Southern Oregon University, where he also taught in the psychology department as a tenured associate professor. Todd currently directs four National Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning. Todd also sits on two educationally related boards: Education Research Initiative for Lenovo Computer and Technology Enhanced Instruction for Microsoft. Dr. Zakrajsek received his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Ohio University. He has published and presented widely on the topic of student learning, including workshops and conference keynote addresses in 42 states and 6 countries.


The New Science of Learning: How Research is Revolutionizing the Way we Teach

Many educators continue to struggle with how best to proceed from delivering lectures to creating truly effective learning environments. In addition, students struggle to understand the best way to learn in our classrooms. The result can be class sessions that are difficult and frustrating to teach with students who appear apathetic and indifferent toward learning. In this session, we looked at how effective evidence-based teaching practices can be aligned with effective evidence-based learning strategies.

Download keynote slides (1 MB)


How Students Learn: Strategies for Teaching from the Psychology of Learning

What can instructors do to facilitate learning when they encounter students who seem uninterested and even apathetic toward course content and assignments? Part of the responsibility for learning belongs to students, but as faculty, we can find new ways to motivate, inspire, and maybe even cajole students to learn. In this workshop, we explored how instructors can make classroom learning, perhaps one of the most artificial learning settings, a more meaningful experience for students. The workshop facilitator used theories of learning and motivation as a basis for creating strategies to increase student engagement in course content and class sessions.

Download workshop slides (327 KB)

Conference Program

Time Room 8002 Room 8005 Room 8009 Room 8010 Room 8011 Foyer
9:00-10:45   Keynote Address - Todd Zakrajsek Overflow Seating      
11:00-12:00 Panel on Laptop-Required Initiative   Rethinking Assumptions Supporting Student Engagement PechaKucha Session    
12:00-1:00   Lunch & Recognition Ceremony Overflow Seating      
1:00-2:00 Experimenting with Reflection   ROOM CHANGE: Experimenting with Reflection MOVED to Rm 8002 Student Insights Crowd-Sourcing for Best Writing Practices (Workshop)  
2:15-3:15 Guiding Students in Metacognition (Workshop)   Teaching Diverse Student Audiences Active Learning    
3:30-4:30   Workshop with Todd Zakrajsek       Resource Fair
4:30-5:00           Reception & Resource Fair


Planning Committee

  • Lauri Dietz, University Center for Writing-based Learning
  • Sharon Guan, Faculty Instructional Technology Services
  • Ellen Meents-DeCaigny, Student Affairs
  • Michael Moore, Committee on Learning & Teaching
  • Jen O’Brien, Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment
  • Joe Olivier, Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment
  • Ruben Parra, Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment
  • Allie Romano, Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment
  • Erin Sella, Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment
  • Daniel Stanford, Faculty Instructional Technology Services
  • Jen Sweet, Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Proposal Reviewers

  • Mike Hernandez, Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse
  • Michael Moore, Committee on Learning & Teaching
  • Kyle Peterson, Committee on Learning & Teaching
  • Amira Proweller, Committee on Learning & Teaching
  • Howard Rosing, Committee on Learning & Teaching
  • Jun Xu, Committee on Learning & Teaching

Special Thanks

Sarah Brown, Jennifer Keplinger, Melissa Koenig, Elissa Foster, Sara Hernandez, Alex Joppie, Bo Ju, Olga Kaler, Eric Loken, Josh Lund, Kevin Lyon, Ashanti Morgan, Arthur Ortiz, Matthew Pearson, Dyla Plachta, Mark Pohlad, Rachel Pomeroy, Lisa Ramos-Torrescano, Anna Scheldrup, & Bridget Wagner


Past conference participants report that one of the most valuable aspects of the event is the opportunity to connect with colleagues across disciplines. When you see someone wearing a ribbon attached to their name badge, feel free to strike up a conversation. Here is a helpful guide to all of the ribbons worn by conference participants:

Staff are on hand to provide assistance and answer any questions you have about the conference.
Presenters are sharing their ideas at the conference today. Ask them about the talk, panel, or workshop that they’re presenting.
Facilitators are moderating the concurrent sessions. They are responsible for ensuring the sessions run smoothly and for facilitating session evaluations.
TLCP Grads have completed the Teaching and Learning Certificate Program. Ask them about their teaching portfolios.
ACP Grads have completed the Assessment Certificate Program. Ask them about their assessment projects.
DOTS Alums have completed the DePaul Online Teaching Series. Ask them about their experiences teaching online.
QM Stars have developed an online or hybrid course that received a perfect score in a Quality Matters (QM) Review.
Global Learning Experience These attendees are recipients of Global Learning Experience grants. Ask them about their efforts to integrate meaningful, global conversations into their courses.
Mobile Learning Initiative These attendees are using mobile devices to enhance teaching and learning. Ask them about tools and strategies to make learning more portable and engaging.

Conference Evaluations

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